Monday, February 2, 2009

My Japanese Coach cheat

Well, it looks like Ubisoft is giving out the cheat to people who call customer support and request it. A reader of this blog posted it as a comment to the entry titled "More My Japanese Coach News." I figure since Ubisoft is giving it out, I might as well make a full blog post detailing the cheat. If your copy of My Japanese Coach is sitting on your shelf collecting dust, then this should help breathe some new life into it.

Go to the dictionary and look up the word "cheat". Touch the "V" next to the verb to open the conjugation chart. Hold the L and R triggers for a few seconds. If done correctly, you will hear the word "cheat" in Japanese. The cheat has now been activated.

Now to use the cheat, you must return to the main menu, go to Options, then Sound. Pressing R will advance you 1 lesson, and pressing L will advance you to the beginning of the next lesson group (usually every 50 lessons).

Now beware, once this cheat has been activated, it is saved to your profile, and can't be turned off until you delete your profile. And there's no way to go back to previous lessons that you skipped over. Sure, you can visit the skipped lesson from the lesson map, but there's no lesson map once you get past lesson 100.

One last caveat...the cheat has always functioned properly in all testing that I have done, but, as Game Informer magazine says in every issue, "Cheat codes are buggier than Virginia in August." Although I don't anticipate any problems (other than the aforementioned permanent unlock), use the cheat at your own risk.